About Us

It started with a father's passion for providing healthy living to his growing children. Water, next to the air we breathe, is the most important nutrient that we take into our bodies.

Something we consume in such large quantities should be the best quality. In our modern day, with so many contaminants present in our municipal drinking water, drinking bottled or filtered water makes sense. Although an excellent job is made by cities to clean water, there are often chemical contamination, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, bacteria contaminating the water.

Since we are engineers, we approached this growing problem of clean water from a mechanical angle, and have been constantly working on developing machines that deliver the most sanitary water possible.

We devleloped an advanced automatic self cleaning technology, that we use in all of our products.It converts regular oxygen into its unstable form, which acts as a powerful oxidizer. To tiny bacteria and viruses, this is deadly. Think of hydrogen peroxide. How the bubbling, which shows the release of oxygen, shows the bacteria being ripped apart. Our technology works in a similar way, using the power of oxygen to clean your water cooler automatically.

All parts in contact with water, we ensure have no contamination, we use pure, virigin material, from stainless steel to plastic in contact with water. We only use medical grade, or similar exceptional quality plastics that contact water. If you take apart our water coolers, you will see that all the parts are a clear or white plastic. This shows that the plastic is not re-processed to cut cost corners. We do this not only because the plastic holds up better over time, but also because reprocessed plastics use plastic that is colored, which often contain toxic heavy metals. In any food product, unless it is specifically marked food grade, it is generally a good idea to avoid colored plastics in contact with food or water.

Our other focus is on innovation.

When we started producing water coolers, we noticed a need for different water cooler products. Our company is family owned, and those of us involved in product design are always asking each other questions. Wouldn't it be nice to make a really effective self cleaning system? Wouldn't it be nice to store cream in a fridge below the water cooler to make a proper tea? Why don't we make a coffee maker in the cooler?

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