Proprietary Technology

Self Cleaning Technology

When you drink a glass of water, do you use the same glass for months at a time without washing it?

Most water coolers are never cleaned. They just sit there, building up bacteria day after day. Bacteria are in the environment. They can contamiate a water cooler through may routes, such as a dirty bottle on the inside or outside, someone may touch the faucet outlet with their hands, dogs can lick the faucets, dust may blow in through the air inlet. There are many ways bacteria can get into the cooler. The question is, how do you keep the water cooler clean?

Traditional recommendations are to frequently wash the water cooler with bleach. Not only is this a hassle, but you really need to rinse it well, otherwise you might be drinking it.

Our self clean water cooler technology takes the grunt work out of cleaning water dispensers. It automatically injects unstable oxygen into the water cooler, six times a day. It doesn't need to be programmed, or initiated, it will start working automatically on schedule, just by being plugged in.

Unstable oxygen is a powerful oxidizer, and rips apart bacteria, viruses and fungi on contact.They stand no chance.

As it keeps running six times a day, 365 days a year, there is not enough time for bacteria to build up in quantitiy within the water cooler.

In normal water dispensers, because of the humid environment in the inside, bacteria thrive. Typically they form biolfilm on the area of the cold tank that is above the water surface. If you have a water cooler that has been plugged in for a few years, you can do this simple test. Remove the top of the water cooler, and run your finger along the portion of the cooler above the water level. That slimy substance is called biofilm. "Bio" because it is biological, a dense population of bacteria.

If you don't have a water dispenser handy to check, you can do the same experiment by lifting the back of your toilted bowl. It has a water chamber there as well, and you will notice the layer of slime that builds up above the water. It's not because it's the toilet where waste goes. This happens in all enclosed water vessels that are untreated for bacteria.

Our unstable oxygen technology destroys bacteria six times a day to prevent biofilm buildup. Not only is biofilm disgusting, it also can affect the taste of the water, and depending on what type of bacteria is infecting the cooler, it can be a health risk as well for those with sensitive digestions.

Self cleaning technology on water coolers just makes sense. Just like you don't reuse dirty cups or plates, you don't want to reuse water coolers that are not cleaned. Unless they are cleaned manually or with an automatic self cleaning system like our unstable oxygen system.