Self Cleaning Stainless Steel Top Loading Water Cooler with Hot & Cold


Self Cleaning Stainless Steel Top Loading Water Cooler with Hot & Cold

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Bacteria buildup is prevented by using reactive oxygen to clean the insides of the cooler. It automatically cleans six times a day. Avoids the muddy taste that develops over time in normal coolers from not being cleaned.

Approximately 70% stainless steel front has the most stainless steel out of any top loading retail cooler.

Professional grade construction uses a stronger frame than used by normal coolers. Build quality is designed to last for many years of heavy use.

IceChill technology powerfully cools the water using a large ice block. Water is maintained at a frigidly cold temperature, making a delicious and refreshing cup of water. Makes 1.6 gallons of very cold water every hour.

Proprietary heating technology maintains water in the ideal steaming hot range. Makes robust cups of tea, instead of weak watery tea. Makes 1.3 gallons of piping hot water every hour.

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An automatic self cleaning system injects unstable oxygen into the water cooler. This charged oxygen destroys bacteria on contact, preventing the bacteria biofilm buildup that occurs in regular coolers. This keeps your water tasting fresh and sanitary over years of use. In normal water coolers, bacteria levels are often hundreds or even thousands of times higher than government recommended safety limits as they are seldom cleaned. Our powerful self cleaning system kills bacteria 6 times a day, preventing biofilm. It has more stainless steel in the front than any other top loading water cooler. The mostly stainless front is designed to match your high end kitchen appliances, or add elegance to any room. Uses professional grade ice chill technology to make frigidly cold water. Proprietary heating technology keeps the water steaming hot, ideal for a strong cup of tea. * The self cleaning system does not purify or filter water, you must always use quality water.

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